February 22 - March 13, 2010


      Homeless Dogs in Samoa


A Spay & Neuter Project Abroad in American & Western Samoa

Dr. Byron Maas from Bend Veterinary Clinic, Inc. and Emma Clifford from Animal Balance, have teamed up with many other volunteers, taking Spay Day abroad. The campaign continues to help sterilize animals and train people in American and Western Samoa. These are island communities where there is a serious pet over-population problem. Our goal is to provide efficient and compassionate veterinary care with our combined efforts to capture ferals and sterilize with MASH-style clinics. Since a sustainable program is so important we are providing local veterinary training and education programs, along with a commitment for future surgical campaigns in American and Western Samoa which were disaster stricken by a tsumani in the Fall of '09.  
American Samoan Press Release

Dr. Maas will perform sterilizations with a new pharmaceutical called EsterilSol™, produced and distributed by Ark Sciences.   EsterilSol™ is a Zinc Gluconate with L-Arginine compound that sterilizes animals with just one injection in each testicle. The effects are permanent and reliable. And, most importantly, virtually painless.

ACC&D, Alliance for Contraception in Cats and Dogs, has awarded a grant to Animal Balance for the chemical sterilization for dogs with the newly developed, EsterilSol™ during the campaign in American Samoa. The grant will also fund similar future campaigns abroad. U.S. Stimulus funding was also applied towards these campaigns.

To assist with the successful sterilizations and treatments of the feral, homeless dog population in this region, the team of veterinarians and volunteers will work with Dr. Mark Johnson of Global Wildlife Resources, Inc. Dr. Johnson's focus on this project is to work with the team to effectively and humanely capture their patients.

Other key partners in this project are the American Samoa Humane Society and the Spay Day campaign by the Humane Society of the United States.

For your convenience you can send your secure donation online through Paypal or Click & Pledge at Animal Balance Donations or for more information Email Animal Balance.


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